* Most of Facebook 800 million users are women.Its board of directors are all men

* The Biggest buzz Facebook is great.But $100 billion great?

* Facebook’s ripple effect: Zynga spikes 17%

*Getting back to the gold standard gold standard

* Foreign telecom may quit India the attractive market is not so attractive now

Elevator gossips :-

* What most people would call the greatest night of their lives, I call just another Friday.

* I thought there’d be worse nicknames to have for a girlfriend, but she didn’t find “The Warden” funny at all.

* Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about.

* A Blackberry and a 6-figure paycheck is the crutch that single chicks call a career.That facade crumbles at 30.

* Haircuts are the ultimate economic indicator. In bad times, it’s every 8 weeks. In good, it’s every 6. I go every 3 weeks.:)

* If you can only be good at one thing, be good at lying… Because if you’re good at lying, you’re good at everything.

* There was a time when people would save up for things they wanted to buy.

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