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WhatsApp Facebook’s Deal

 Last weekend I have been reading lot of literature and news about the deal between Facebook and Whatsapp. Most of the people bloghave challenged it on the Value and Pricing Perspectives. Have taken some extracted thoughts from prof Aswath Damodaran and they looks very interesting:

Following in the footsteps of my favorite baseball general manager, Billy Beane, its time to play some Moneyball, where we let the data drive our actions, rather than our intellects. Here is what I take out of these numbers:

  1. If you are an investor, stop trying to explain price movements on social media companies, using traditional metrics – revenues, operating margins and risk. You will only drive yourself into frenzy. Continue reading
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* Most of Facebook 800 million users are women.Its board of directors are all men

* The Biggest buzz Facebook is great.But $100 billion great?

* Facebook’s ripple effect: Zynga spikes 17%

*Getting back to the gold standard gold standard

* Foreign telecom may quit India the attractive market is not so attractive now

Elevator gossips :-

* What most people would call the greatest night of their lives, I call just another Friday.
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http://sandyyadav.comThe dark clouds are hanging over Europe, and there are rumors that Greece may Exit Euro. Yesterday Fitch the rating agency dented and downgrades Spain and Italy each by two notches, Belgium by one. Ireland affirmed at BBB+. Luck of the Irish! it was like a bomb but it was already discounted by the market  and market not surprised by Fitch downgrades Euro remained higher against Dollar even after downgrades.

But Fitch was not a news maker, it was non other than Facebook raised the curtains which is ready all set for IPO filing, here is the big estimate whether market will discount this or not.They say $100B now… it will bump up to $115B by time of IPO… then $130B on first day out….
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1) Yesterday Indian aviation and Finance minster allowed 49% FDI and today Kingfisher Air Talks to SC Lowy for Investment After Plane Order Scrapped

2) SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act, as you can view on the top right hand side even I am protesting “Stop Censorship”. Why it matters?

3) Guess what now the IMF requests $500 bn for bailout loans, IMF chairman to ask member countries for on off contributions

4) Greek seems to be in insolvent zone, ISDA will have the final say as Greek debt talks drag on

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