The World Eye’s on India : Crucial Budget 2012

This is the most event full day in the country,continuing from my last post the India Budget 2012 , the expectations are high because the world biggest democracy has more challenges on every front be it from the basic amenities like toilets. India has more cell phones than toilets Yesterday the Economic survey came out and The survey estimates that GDP will grow 7.6% in 2012-13 and expand at 8.6% in the year after that but the pace is dependable on reform to be optimistic.

Inflation remains the key : Even the survey projected danger of high inflation is not yet over and the government should work to gently bring it down below 5.Income distribution is the another challenge.

In India 30-40% of the prices are regulated for commodities prices are not decided by the market forces so a well intended coordination with the government & RBI holds the Key.

Some of the major economic reforms holds the key from diesel and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) pricing and taxation reform like the goods and services tax and direct taxes code, to FDI (foreign direct investment) in retail and reform of the APMC Act (Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulation Act ). But the high-profile scandals broken out in the government like 2G, common wealth games and so on will impact the bold decision-making moves.

Well this could turn out be a make or break budget as the next year the Budget will be election oriented for the present government..

Awaiting Pranab da to see what is there in magic box

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