Was going through few articles yesterday night and in the mean while somebody tweeted what are major debatable things happening in the market from traders prospective and found them …Crude , gold , Oil and natural gas are already on the radar and here are some ..

* Euro holds the key people don’t feel strongly about its directions where it is headed ..They say Is the euro bad or simply boring ?

* Tha dragon China hard/soft landing and the risk implications woes Link

* Mr Bernanke’s glass …half-full or all empty 🙂

* When the rest of the world is sinks can USD will bounce back ??

* Central Banks silence ..traders wonder whether the worlds central banks are done diversifying away from dollars.

* Ah Japan more than an US rates story ….the question is whether the yen will move based on some other factor besides the gap between US and Japanese interest rates (i.e. the BoJ and the Japanese trade situation).