Agri Commodities & Need for 2nd Green revolution in India

It was hot topic 4°C rise in temperature by 2020 in Rajasthan . Food production may fall by 50% by 2050 another study said.

I was just trying to figure out if the production will fall than “Who will feed India ?” India is loosing its ground where we enjoyed  monopoly now Vietnam is claiming supremacy over India in commodities trading as Ho Chi Minh City continues to look like Southeast Asia’s emerging commodities hub. Already Vietnam is among the leaders in exports of a range of agricultural commodities – rice, cashews, tea, coffee, pepper, rubber, tapioca, seafood, and others.India’s setback suggests Vietnam’s government is making the right moves regarding commodities as Indian policies have led to stagnant yields, rising labor costs, low mechanization, and less competitiveness. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s agribusiness expansion has been remarkable. For example, a decade ago India let the world in pepper exports and processed Vietnamese cashews for re-export; today, Vietnam exports five times India’s volume of pepper and far more cashews.As food becomes increasingly precious around the globe, Vietnam is positioning itself to be one world’s top suppliers.

This should be an eye opener to the government of India and to our agriculture minister who is more busy with BCCI in launching IPL and other cricket money generating events. The country which used to have a food grain surplus few years ago, today it has to import food grain. There are a lot of problems with our agriculture and we can’t eat money instead of food were govt is busy providing a debt waiver schemes.The below issue addressed still holds true and needs to be addressed soon :-

  • Agriculture sector faces lack of adequate funding
  • Poor investment in irrigation infrastructure
  • The production has remain stagnant and yield in wheat
  • Flat growth in production and yield of rice
  • Fluctuating production and yield of oil-seeds
  • No improvement in production and yield of pulses
  • 14% dip in per ca pita availability of food grain over the last 15 years
  • continuously rising population over the years
  • Inadequate remuneration to the farmers
  • lower grains at Govt. godown
  • Food subsidy is mounting
  • MSP need to be increased
  • PDS should be made more transparent.

The worst thing is that millions in rural India still live in the group of money lenders.The father of first Indian Green Revolution MS Swaminathan also makes a remarks that agriculture emergency is developing not only in India, but globally. If the Indian govt did not react quickly we will be importing all our food grains soon

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