Trading as a Career

Before I start the discussion, I would like to open the discussion How many people do you know that are as successful as they want to be do not take responsibility for their actions?
They always have excuses to succeed not fail.You know if something is not working do not go down with the sinking ship. Have a reason for everything you do so you can learn from it. Trading is hard because what is written in stone one day is thrown out the next.

Here is just one of the conversation with trader, which you never want youto be, sharing as its interesting too, here is how it went.

Facebook And the IPO Saga

I have done almost a dozen post over it and tried to reveal the concept of IPO and what does indicates. One of the true indication of the IPO’s is that “It’s probably overpriced.” that has always been true since inception. Facebook IPO is another chapter in that series.

The objective of an IPO is meant to fund the company and reward its founders, and make money for the people who are handling the deal. If you’re an average investor, you’re not getting
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Best Investment Quotes Ever

I have been using the most of them in my post but here are the best ones.

  • Warren Buffett (Net Worth $39 Billion) – “‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’ Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.

Derivatives Credit : Credit Derivatives part II


As I left the space to define the various types of credit derivatives so here we go:

Credit default swap: Credit default swap can literally be defined as an option to swap a credit asset for cash, should it default. A credit default swap is essentially an option, and option bought by the protection buyer, and written by the protection seller. The strike price of the option is the par value of the reference asset. Continue reading “Derivatives Credit : Credit Derivatives part II”