An argument between love and Finance Market professional

Before the Grexit and Brokers terminologies I did an article from the train that focused on European Debt Crisis : Resolution or Dissolution. While returning back from Indore to Mumbai  by India‘s non stop trains  Duronto express. I met a lady and has an argument on the financial market profession and the expression of love. She has her own point of view that the people from Finance industry do not understand emotions  and run for money.

But I believe  emotional difficulties are  common to all the profession and they are related to money beliefs and behaviors. In the past, these included gambling addictions, financial stress due to job loss, spending patterns, and parenting strategies among others.

I do not want  to argue much on this and I got the opportunity to share terminology called as Expectation Management – Key to a long happy relationship. Certainly I did a post over it on  Valentine’s Day but they will hold true how so ever bad is the market :


3 thoughts on “An argument between love and Finance Market professional

  1. high five! We are both finance geeks. i also did some analysis regarding relationship with CAPM, Discounted future cash flow, portfolio management theories… ha


  2. i have known a few ‘finance geeks’ ..and the moment their emotional capabilities are questioned (just for poking fun) they bounced back similar response..which comes out a bit too strong… the post is hilarious tho..! my 2 cents.. traders dnt need to always prove that they are traders! at times simplicity works.


    1. 🙂 Thanks for your remarks agreed simplicity is good. . .indeed some time simple things become complicated in scenarios like these . .


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