2 thoughts on “When is the best time to Invest

  1. Good article.

    The world of investment analysis can often get over complicated, and people become irrational and forget the basics.

    I think the key is that the best long term investments are to buy quality companies at times when the whole market is going through a difficult patch, and hence there are opportunities to buy great companies at rock bottom prices. By great companies, I mean those that are growing, have a stable positive outlook,are well managed, well capitalised and have positive cash flows.
    If they can be companies that dominate their market place, even better.

    In the long term, if you time your investments into companies with these attributes at the right times, avoid the bubbles and the declining business sectors, then you should gain the maximum returns and limit risks.

    So, I think in the middle of a crisis, if you have the nerve now is the time to buy, but only the right companies.


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