Comparing Greece with Argentina is highly Misleading

It has been a bit over four months since the latest bailout of Greece was negotiated. This bailout featured a write-down of most privately held debt in exchange for further austerity measures. It is already clear that Greece will not meet its deficit targets from this bailout, the main reason being that cuts to the budget have led to a much steeper recession than official forecasters had predicted. The Greek government now expects the economy to shrink 7% over the course of the year.

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Euro Haunts & being optimistic

I truly believe it pays to be an optimist in life. it’s practically part of the job description. You can fearfully view a crisis as a time of loss and peril, or you can choose to view it as a time of opportunity with potential for positive change. The Eurozone crisis has triggered a ripple effect across global markets, and many investors are expressing pessimism about the economic health and sustainability of the region. Me? I’m an optimist.  The output of Greece and the increasing intensity of financial shock waves radiated from Europe are approaching, and there is much we can do about it. The best advice that is not really very useful, and is closing the hatches, because we have rough seas ahead. Continue reading “Euro Haunts & being optimistic”

Investors & Investment Styles

There are several types on Investors in the market making investments in one or more categories of assets with the objective of making a profit.  To name a few Individual investors, Angel investors, Sweat equity investor, Venture capitalist funds, Investment Trusts, Mutual funds, Hedge funds and Sovereign wealth funds.. here are some of the views how investment defined by them.

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What does Bankers Fear of !! The Phobias

One of the biggest fears that most people experience is public speaking. Most people would rather do anything else than get up in front of a group of people large or small.

Have you ever thought the Traders, bankers has some kind of phobia, Yes they do have and some of them are posted below which is very common one working in the Investment banking domain.

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Cutting off Greece from Euro !! Grexit

Jitters about the euro zone have roiled financial markets this week, sending the rand reeling and causing foreigners to dump SA bonds. As Spain and Greece move to the forefront of concerns about the global economy, the million dollar question is: How will these countries’ problems play out?
The so-called Grexit — a term coined by Buiter — would most likely take place by early 2013.

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