Financial Themes and Personified by :

Its a year by year collection pick out with a different fad that really captured the attention in that year and dollars of the investors Class.

Year Theme of the  Year Personified by
1996 Initial public offerings, Microbrews, Irrational Exuberance Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman
1997 Viagra, Cigars, Telecom/Cable John Malone,  Chairman of Liberty Media
1998 E-tail, Venture Capital, Click & Mortar Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of
1999 B2B Internet, Y2K, Tracking – Stocks, Carve- outs Frank Quattrone, Silicon Valley Investment banker
2000 Wireless, Optical networking, competitive local exchange carriers Jack Grubman, Smith Barney Telecom Analyst
2001 Old economy, Defensive stocks Warren buffet legendary value investor
2002 Security Tech and Defence Companies Donald Rumsfeld US secretary of Defence
2003 Biotech, Fiber to The Premises , More Biotech Mark B. McCleallan FDA Commisioner
2004 VOiP, 3G, Wireless Rollout, China Patricia Russo, CFO of Lucent Technologies
2005 Oil, Homebuilders, India, verticals/Life settlements T Boone Pickens, Oil and Gas Magnate
2006 Residential Real Estate, Green/Cleantech, LBO, Video Games Bob and Bruce Toll, Home builders
2007 Private Equity, Hedge Funds, BRIC, Commercial RE Stephen Schwartzman CEO of Blackstone Group
2008 Gold , leveraged ETFs, Short Selling John Paulason Hedge Fund Manager
2009 Dollar carry trade, Emerging Markets, Commodities Benjamin Bernanke Federal Reserve Chairman
2010 Mobile web, Metals and Miners, Tablets/Smartphones, Venture Capital Steve Jobs , Apple CEO
2011 Social Media IPOs, Currency Trading, Risk on – Risk off, Dividends Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

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