Oh Darling Yeh hai INDIA…Superpower RIP


I do not like writing on the politics but when it hampers the reform of the nation there are concerns should be raised !!

Wednesday India restored electricity to the states, inhabited by 680 million people, that lost power Tuesday. But it will take much longer to restore the nation’s reputation after a dismal few days when a train fire killed 32 in south India, industrial production showed its slowest growth in months, there were two consecutive days of massive blackouts, and the government was widely ridiculed for giving an effective promotion, despite the outages, to the power minister.

Even by the recent standards of India, which has seen its standing as an investor darling and aspiring superpower seriously questioned, it hasn’t been a good spell.

To give you a clue when the nation’s largest-circulation financial daily Economic Times made the headline “Superpower India, RIP,” screamed. What can you make out of it ?

Another paper went with “Powerless & Clueless,” a reference to the appointment of the power minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, to home minister, the top security post, on Tuesday, when half the nation was affected by a power outage.

Chidambaram gets Finance. Moily gets Power. Shinde gets Home. India gets screwed. That is on of the tweet that trended like anything.

Indian industry also heaped criticism on the government. “This situation is a grim reminder of the humongous task we have on our hands in improving the infrastructure facilities,” said R.V. Kanoria, president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, a trade group.

Experts estimate that problems associated with India’s infrastructure—including roads, ports and airports—shave off about two percentage points from its gross domestic product growth annually, making a speedy overhaul of the power infrastructure crucial to boosting economic growth. Well all the above managed by the various ministries.

The new power minister, Veerappa Moily, told a news conference Wednesday that normal electricity supply had resumed in the northern, eastern and northeastern parts of India. “I can reassure the entire nation that what has happened in these two days will not recur,” .. Sorry to correct he could have been a better corporate affairs minister, caught in the wrong job.

The blackouts are a symptom of stalled reforms and underinvestment in all segments of the Indian power sector—generation, transmission and distribution

The government‘s ability to push through necessary reforms—from the power crisis to further opening industry to foreign investment—remains politically challenging despite the air of crisis.


6 thoughts on “Oh Darling Yeh hai INDIA…Superpower RIP

  1. Hi Sandeep,

    Having worked in the power sector, I would like to highlight that Generation segment cannot be blamed for what happened earlier this week. There is a lot of private investment into power generation, which are facing issues of policy paralysis – no fuel, land trouble, SEBs have no money to purchase power. The real problem lies with the SEB’s – quickest (& best) solution is to privatize and keep power out of vote-bank politics.



  2. Thanks for your valuable comments, I have no intentions to blame Generation segment, I obey to each and every employee of this country but as you said every ministry has its own vote bank. Be it Power, Infrastructure, shipping, coal miniing


  3. Hi Sandeep, for things to get better, it has to pass through worst and I think we are passing through such condition as a nation. We made a mistake of electing UPA government for second term and now we are paying for that. I personally welcome the Anna Hajare’s idea to become a political option in order to change something.


  4. Spot on with your analysis. May God give us the strength to get through this. The government has really dug the grave for this generation and many more to come. We are really are akin to a rudderless Titanic all set to sink….a real shame and pity at the same time. Even if educated people like us come out in droves to exercise our franchise, I just can’t seem to shake this all-pervasive pessimism. Anyway, I sound fatalist but I would be the happiest if my feeling is disproved.

    I agree with Jasmeena’s point of view that a political alternative might be the start to the solution to our ills but then again only time will tell as it does require a mass base (almost a revolution) across India to translate into votes and electoral mandate. From what I have heard and read, the entire goddamn electoral machinery is rigged to favor the high and mighty parties (read those with financial and political clout).



    1. Hello Mr. Unni,

      With technological advancement and with awareness towards education even in lower income groups, I think in coming future vote-bank politics will not work but the party who provide an agenda of development will work. Currently the problem is coalition government with small regional parties with selfish desires. The larger national parties like BJP and Congress don’t understand that even regional parties want the power the way they want and hence they don’t need to surrender to unwanted demands of regional parties. I’m personally unhappy with the monarchy structure of Congress and disappointed with the way BJP didn’t take the national issue of corruption and not supported Anna Hajare. In that context I feel it is necessary that the people who want a change should join the politics and I welcome Anna Hajare’s move to provide political option.



  5. Thanks Jasmeena & Ummi.. I am just wondering when the corporate push will be coming. The reforms in the economy happens when the corporate industry pushes. The political party are never ever pro reform :0


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