Emerging Economies and Currencies

The combined output of emerging-market economies now accounts for more

than half of world GDP and energy consumption. The emerging countries also hold 70% of the world’s foreign-exchange reserves. As a result, rich countries no longer dominate either the global economy or the global economic-policy agenda. Emerging countries’ global integration, demand for Continue reading “Emerging Economies and Currencies”

Trappping the Investor


There are so many products in this global financial marketthat sometimes a

financial advisor feel more like a bouncer than anything else ……..

Emerging Markets and Proprietary traders :-


Takings from my last post  A Prop Trader or Rogue Trader and my past posts on the same topic The Rogue Trader or The Rogue Banks

and TO BE A ROGUE TRADER would like to share few more views over them. As I reveled in the past that prop trader don’t trade on behalf of clients but they use institution own money to trade.They speculate and their focus are is emerging markets.

The two principles on which they work :

Types of Investors in Financial Markets :-

There are several types on Investors in the market makinginvestments in one or more categories of assets with the objective of

Hedge Fund Managers - Lynching Party Needed

making a profit.  To name a few Individual investors, Angel investors, Sweat equity investor, Venture capitalist funds, Investment Trusts, Mutual funds, Hedge funds and Sovereign wealth funds.. here are some of the views how investment defined by them.

Warren buffet: A good business that can be purchased for less than the discounted value of its future earnings.

George Soros: An investment that can be purchased (or sold) prior to a reflexive shift in market psychology/fundamentals that will change Continue reading “Types of Investors in Financial Markets :-“

The Demand Curve : (Back to school)

The Demand curve represents the curve that shows the relation between price of the commodity and that of quantity demanded by the consumer. Lets try to analyse the causes of the demand curve slopping downside :

1) Due to law of diminishing marginal utility.
2) Income effects
3) Substitution effect
4) Commodity usages
5) Consumers in total.