From the world of Global Financial Markets – Sunday reads

  • 2012 is making 2011 feel like 2007.
  • JPMorgan changes VaR like a girl changes clothes.
  • What’s the most shocking thing a German tourist can say to a hooker… ‘Can I pay in Euros?”
  • You’re tired of being an analyst? Get over it. Every great porn star had to do a gay scene once or twice just to move up.
  • Climbing Mount Everest is the hardest thing I’ve ever done on my Resume.
  •  Since the ECB doesn’t have any real plan, they don’t need a backup plan.
  •  A lot of people who start their own business do it because they are unemployable.
  • It used to be that if you could predict a market event, you could predict a market response. Now, you cant predict either.
  •  Thanks to the economic crisis, waitressing got upgraded from a job to a career.
  •   People who are in position to, or smart enough to solve the European debt crisis don’t have the time to debate it on Facebook.
  •  Pretty imp one Don’t confuse friends, work friends, and friends of convenience.


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