The Financial world talking about this week :

Here are the focus where the financial geeks talking about these days:

Softbank ad

  • Everyone focused on November handle for Greek restructuring, Spain bailout request.  Spain will ask for implicit rate cap according to local press.
  • EU Summit Thursday and Friday – need details on fiscal plan including enforcement to make this credible.
  • Citi being taken well at first… so was JPM.  GS, MS, BAC etc  all coming up this week.
  • AAPL “only” has Buy ratings from 85% of the street.  Is that going higher or lower? 
  • TMT deal land – Sprint, TXN, CVC – this is a good effect of ZIRP (especially for arbs and bankers)
  •  Dave Lutz of Stifel, Nicolaus also basses along the same.

To Summarize the above :

  • Big rally in Europe. More hopes for a Spanish bailout request, possibly in the next month.
  • Big drop in Greek yields.
  • Chinese inflation edges down.
  • Yen is weaker after Softbank deal to buy majority of Sprint.
  • Profits from high-speed trading are down.
  • South African cops fire stun grenades and rubber bullets at protesters.
  • Federal Reserve flirting with allowing inflation go higher.
  • New Turkey-Syria tensions.

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