Currencies war

So wrote the great economic iconoclast John Maynard Keynes in an essay titled “The Great Slump of 1930,” published in December of that year. Thirteen months had passed since the crash of 1929; the world was living, in Keynes’s words, in “the shadow of one of the greatest economic catastrophes of modern history.”  – quotation from “Lords of Finance” –

The West after World War I, a time of economic fragility, of bubbles followed by busts and of a cascading series of events that led to the Great Depression.

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How true are they :

Here are some collections from the professional world of financial markets that may or may not imply upon each one of us:

  • Associate to Analyst: “My Tuesday night is your Friday night.” ED to Associate: “My bar tab is your paycheck.”

Alternative Investment Funds to operate in India

Indian market regulator SEBI has allowed seven Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) to set up shop in the country under a newly formulated route, which allows pooling of funds for investments in areas such as real estate, private equity and hedge funds.

Alternative investments are not a new concept but seems to be gaining momentum, I did a story in March 2012 under the heading ART TREATED AS AN ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT .Would like to evolve on those terms, Lets face it : Continue reading “Alternative Investment Funds to operate in India”

FSB report on shadow banking

Greek deal done: 124 pct Debt to GDP in 2020, a sigh of relief for the Euro-zone. In the mean while on 18th November FSB came out of 14 page report and,  I was reading the FSB report on shadow banking. The most important issue here is the fifth work-stream  securities lending and repo — yet the proposals seem, well, a little bland. Here are the suggestions in brief:

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Insight from Jim Rogers – The Commodities Guru

Writing about commodities market you can’t ignore the always charming commodities guru Jim Rogers. He started on Wall Street back in the 60s and went on to co-found the Quantum Fund with George Soros. Then he packed up and moved to Singapore, essentially shorting the west.

He is heavily invested in agriculture / gold and silver and training his children to speak Mandarin as he thinks balance of power shifting to Asia.

Here are his 12 quotes :