About Sandyyadav.com – The 500th post

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret –images

Recalling 14th February 2008, the day when sandyyadav.wordpress.com created with lots of curiosity, hopes and an aim to share every bit of finance knowledge which I may share with each one of you.

Celebrating Valentine`s day with a post on Red Herring Prospectus was not a very good idea. But, it was my spirit and love towards the markets, which, kept the confidence high and, on 14th Feb 2012  managed to hit the bull’s-eye by posting on How to say love you by Finance”. Market professional was much better than 2008 valentine 🙂 .

With expected & unexpected questions, one thing which I was sure of was more zeitgeist inside towards the financial markets. And this kept me motivated to learn new horizons of global finance.

The blog has undergone lot more changes and may continue to do so with the only purpose of imparting the daily learning.

Initially  posts were targeted to the financial market students, professionals financial-experts only. But, Later on lot of simpler posts were also covered such as “Back to School” so as to grab the ground, my colleagues involvement and for all those people who somehow have any little interest towards finance. Though, Personal finance is not my forte but still this blog had enough post on Mutual funds and insurance for my IT friends.

When you speak/write in public domains you are always bound to accept a combination of criticism and praise. And, sandyyadav.com was not an exception in this regard Indeed, it faced a lot of criticism as a part of new learning’s and opinion differences and this was smoothly accepted when it comes to finance.At the same time, it was praised too by great finance experts, on various occasions.

To summarize about sandyyadav.com : It has 500 posts officially  broadly categorized in to :-

Commodities Markets (17)
Economies (104)
Efficient Markets (22)
Finance Awareness (105)
Finance Quiz (4)
Financial Crisis (141)
Financial Jargons (20)
Financial media articles (14)
Fiscal & Monetary Policies (17)
Market – Outlook (64)
Markets: BSENSE (14)
Merchant Banking (21)
Trending Brokers (73)

Commodities was my first love as, I started my career with it and it was short sweet and the memorable one. The maximum posts were done as a part of the financial crisis after the great depression of 1931. 2008-2011 could be considered as the worst period for the financial world.

The maximum reads received when the post was done on ‘London Whale’ Rattles the Debt Market. On May 14 2012, with Understanding JP Morgan Loss we completed 1,651 comments in total for the blog. Well this is the time where you could find plagiarism every where, I have tried my best to put the sources every-time.

promising  with the quote “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears & your actions louder than your words.”

Thank you all for reading and expressing your views.

6 thoughts on “About Sandyyadav.com – The 500th post

  1. Hope to read you for eternity Sandeep. Keep it up, always nice to read your informative articles and you take me back to my finance classes in Univ. Add a category on Behavioral Finance too, if possible in 2013.


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