Term Insurance

This is the phase of year where people get starting the calls from the insurance agents . The very simple reason we like to sandyyadavprocrastinate and the financial planning turn up saving tax for that particular financial year. Here is a small primer on the Term insurance why you need it :-

There is nothing more affordable than purchasing term policies. The prices offered on this insurance policy are lower as compared to other policies. There may not be much of a difference in whole life policies and term policies. Term policies are affordable and cheaper as they are for a fixed term. If you do not want to take on any extra burden, then you need to go in for term insurance policies.Insurance policies are purchased with the intention of providing coverage to individuals. The beneficiary of the term policy is not entitled to the claim if the policy period expires. Depending on the insured amount, the terms and other conditions would vary. The premium rate charged is also not very hefty.There is an element of insecurity in term policies. No one can escape death. It would come at any time and many of us buy term policies knowing this fact. Anyone who intends buying policy insurance should get all doubts clarified if any regarding the benefits of the policy from the insurance agent. Only after you are fully satisfied with the facts, you should sign on the dotted line, otherwise not.Policy insurance depends on factors like health, smoking, drinking, age, gender and so on.


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