All about Fund Managers

As human beings, we are emotional, impressionable, and often a lot less savvy when it comes to investing than we think.selling-winners-and-holding-onto-losers That can spell disaster for portfolios. More than 80 percent of actively managed U.S. stock funds under performed the market reported by S& a brief description on papal fashions – The investment styles :-

  • Style :                     Index Fund
  • Meaning :           The fund manager invests to match some  index like S&P 500
  • Reference :          The fund manager has give up trying to beat the market.

  • Style :                    Active Management
  • Meaning :           The Fund manager picks up stock that willdo better than the market
  • Reference :          The triumph of hope over experience. You the investor are paying for the experiment.
  •  Style :                   Momentum investing: 
  •  Meaning :          The Fund manager chases what ever is going up
  • Reference :          The lemming or crowd theory of investing; the investment equivalent of a finish proverb: ‘shit must be good, millions of files can’t be wrong’. 
  • Style:                     Value investing
  • Meaning:            The fund manager invests in under valued gems that he has uncovered through research.
  • Reference :          Pure luck or you hope that fund manager has inside information. 
  • Style :                      Yield enhancement
  • Meaning:             The fund manager invests to generate above market income
  • Reference :          You are talking on a whole lot of risk. You will be lucky to get your money back intact. 
  • Style:                     Portfolio insurance
  • Meaning:            The fund manager guarantee that your investments at least 90% of it is safe
  • Reference:           Hang on wasn’t the return of Principal the least that you are entitled to? 
  • Style:                     Structured investment
  • Meaning:            The fund manager will specifically design to fit your exact risk and return parameters using sophisticated investment tools and financial products.
  • Reference:           A pure con job to charge you more fees 
  • Style:                     Alternative investment
  • Meaning:            The fund manager will invest in hitherto unknown assets weather derivatives catastrophe bond art stamp etc
  • Reference :          You are at an investment pioneer good luck !  

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