IBM Cognos Real-Time Monitoring Certification Exams

This IBM exam is designed to provide certification for Real-time Monitoring developers. These individuals are in charge of the configuration, modeling, and maintenance of IBM Cognos Real-Time Monitoring applications. Individuals with this type certification will be newer to this area but will still be able to function effectively in this position and as members of teams.  Continue reading “IBM Cognos Real-Time Monitoring Certification Exams”

The Currency war is on

I always like to be bullish on things but you cannot avoid he ground realities and say bullish. The Europe’s politicians euro_2453852bjoin a chorus of policy-makers across the globe pushing for devaluations to fight for market share we can expect currency conflicts.

The telegraph reported –  Jean-Claude Juncker, EuroGroup chief, has signaled that Europe is no longer willing to be the last economic player holding the toxic parcel of an over-valued exchange rate, describing the euro as “dangerously high” after its three-month surge against the dollar, yuan and yen. Continue reading “The Currency war is on”