IBM Cognos Real-Time Monitoring Certification Exams

This IBM exam is designed to provide certification for Real-time Monitoring developers. These individuals are in charge of the configuration, modeling, and maintenance of IBM Cognos Real-Time Monitoring applications. Individuals with this type certification will be newer to this area but will still be able to function effectively in this position and as members of teams. 

This IBM certification can be achieved by passing one exam. This exam is known as the Test COG-615 – IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring Developer. There are several skills that candidates are expected to have before attempting this exam. These skills include database design experience, a functional understanding of SQL, experience in the area of deploying software application infrastructure, database performance and tuning experience, and an understanding of as well as experience in the area of deploying Web Servers and application servers.

This IBM exam is comprised of 60 questions, and test takers are given 90 minutes to complete this examination. An array of topics will be covered by these questions. These topics include data modeling, architecture, security and authentication providers, business insight, dashboard, business requirements and key performance indicators, and business rules and exception management. Clearly, this exam will require ample preparation.


Individuals planning to take this exam should combine courses, independent study, and hands-on experience to prepare fully for this certification exam. TestsLive is an excellent resource for learning the vast amount of information that is covered by this exam. With TestsLive, you can solidify your knowledge base as a way to prepare for the cert exam and to increase your understanding for real life applications.


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