1Today, I was really confused as what to write on. We have discussed various aspects, classes, faces & divisions of finance & banking sector But, today I choose to discuss something which may fall us apart from finance few minutes but also placing a question in your minds to think on for the future scenario. “Self-Employed Are Taking The Lead Over The Salaried Class”:  This topic may be a deviation from finance but yet, a very much talked about topic with global approach without any bar or age, cast, race sector etc.

As the global business climate is turning towards dark , people are getting ready for the rains . Each one of us hoping that our financial growth & growing economy may bring something really good for all of us in future. Most of us are expecting that living standard may improve in next few years . The key indicators of consumer confidence over the next year , i.e prosperity to buy a house ,car or household durable look mildly,not to be overly pessimistic.

So what has five years of unplanned growth achieved ? Amidst the economic boom of the past 5 years , the biggest success story has been the coming of age of the self employed professional SEP. And these SEP has shown more inclination to buy a house , car and take a loan compared to his or her salaried counterpart. They also seem to have the greatest increase in the lifestyle and aren’t too worried about prices next year . But, on the other hand a Salaried person is still insecure for his job, still worried & planning about how to go ahead, how to make own house, how to deal with this price hike, how to balance out the very basic needs of life & how to bring financial security to his thoughts & dreams? QUESTIONS QUESTIONS & LOT MORE QUESTIONS for salaried person but REST REST AND MUCH MORE REST for self-employed.

Over all picture seems rosy to me. So, whats your take on this????  Your opinion/thoughts are always welcomed.