Rogue Trader – Nick Leeson Back

I never thought I’d write these words, but Nick Leeson – the original rogue trader – is back, baby! Well, kinda. It’s not like  Nick Leeson is escorted by three Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) officers from a Singapore Airlines flight from Frankfurt which arrived in Singapore, in this November 23, 1995 file photohe’s slinging SWAPS on Canary Wharf or anything. But the man who famously destroyed Barings Bank and whose iconic SIMEX trading jacket sold for £21,000 in the aftermath is now back in the biz, albeit in a decidedly less prestigious role than he’s used to.

Mr Leeson is joining GDP Partnership to mediate on behalf of distressed borrowers with debts of more than €1m (£850,000) to find “the best possible outcome for both bank and borrower”, said Conor Devine, a chartered surveyor and one of GDP’s founding partners.  Continue reading “Rogue Trader – Nick Leeson Back”