The Indian MBA

India produces the maximum no. of MBA’s in the world, graduate students finds it an attractive opportunity and wants Ato join the bandwagon which has been sold through the expensive coaching’s like TIME, Career launcher, PT, PF and so on . But paying huge amount of coaching fees doesn’t guarantee your place in the IIMs or in Tier 1 B schools. Every year the CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT takers are raising but vice-versa the good B schools intake capacity is not proportional to the candidates.

This led a good opportunity for many of the (Master-Mind) punters to have their own colleges. Few of colleges not AICTE approved have proved themselves by quoting the best placements in the country with very high proficient level of standards. But there are colleges which are like a charlatan fooling the students (even the AICTE approved ones) by charging a huge amount of fees. This culture is well versed in the metros. Continue reading “The Indian MBA”