The Indian MBA

India produces the maximum no. of MBA’s in the world, graduate students finds it an attractive opportunity and wants Ato join the bandwagon which has been sold through the expensive coaching’s like TIME, Career launcher, PT, PF and so on . But paying huge amount of coaching fees doesn’t guarantee your place in the IIMs or in Tier 1 B schools. Every year the CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT takers are raising but vice-versa the good B schools intake capacity is not proportional to the candidates.

This led a good opportunity for many of the (Master-Mind) punters to have their own colleges. Few of colleges not AICTE approved have proved themselves by quoting the best placements in the country with very high proficient level of standards. But there are colleges which are like a charlatan fooling the students (even the AICTE approved ones) by charging a huge amount of fees. This culture is well versed in the metros.

The coaching centre act as the best platform for these colleges to lure the students and given the fact these students generally constituents the middle level of the society. The decision taken at this point of time could change the life of MBA aspirant. Many of the candidates do there MBA after having a work experience of 1-2 year there the opportunity cost is forgone by them and they expect a bright future ahead after obtaining there PG degree. Here the scenario could be in your favor or against you at this turbulent time which is called as “Black Swan”.

So before choosing a B school it’s a tough call but never regret on it because me along with my unplaced batch-mates am going through that phase which is quite handy. One of my friend had quite an interesting tag line on his G-talk “Learning from my corporate finance the NPV of my project has become negative” The message I would like to convey is that always choose a B school with in-depth analysis on the fundamental grounds, try to enquire about the faculties/placement/campus by right sources.

The most important aspect is the time/fees which you are paying to avail future benefits. Whether to do MBA from Tier 2 B school  is your call ……………………………Think twice in-fact more time because it is one of the most important deciding factor for your future life, Do Think About ROI !!

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