The Dodd Frank Act & Extraterritoriality

Yesterday CME shared a paper on the famous OTC derivatives and their treatment under Extraterritoriality. Due to the Arole of unregulated over-the-counter (OTC) financial derivatives in the 2008 financial crisis which began in the U.S. but whose influence was felt globally, the G-20 agreed in its Pittsburgh meeting in 2009 that “all standardised OTC derivative contracts should be traded on exchanges or electronic trading platforms, where appropriate, and cleared through central counterparties by end-2012, at the latest. OTC derivative contracts should be reported to trade repositories. Non-centrally cleared contracts should be subject to higher capital requirements.”

The members of the G-20, in varying degrees and at different speeds, have embarked in their own jurisdictions to reform the OTC derivatives market. Given the interconnected nature of these markets, international cooperation has very much been part of crafting derivatives financial regulation.
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