Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives

People write to remember things, I write to forget. I am sure that definitely had many post on Credit derivatives.Many of my friends imagesand colleagues are still not so familiar with them and just wanted to define for them . For them the understanding of credit derivatives is that these monster was behind the subprime crisis in 2008, Lehman crisis, and later the Eurocrisis and now the Grexit.

Let me try to put some definitions quote and unquote:

” Credit derivatives is a general term used to describe various swap and option contracts designed to transfer credit risk on loans or other assets from one party, the protection buyer, to another party, the protection seller. The protection seller receives premium or interest-related payments in return for contracting to make payments to the protection buyer,which are linked to the credit standing of a reference asset or assets. ” FSA UK  Continue reading “Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives”