How to have a great day !!

Nassim Taleb’s contribution to the world of finance are two fascinating concepts — essays really — subsequently expanded into book length. The imagesfirst is Fooled By Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets, which describes the tendency of investors to find patterns where none exist, and to attribute to skill that which might be better credited to luck.

His second book is a corollary of sorts, almost the inverse to Fooled by Randomness: The Black Swan:

He’s vocal about his displeasure with most economists, academics and journalists. He’s usually wearing black. And he’s usually seen not smiling.

His latest status fascinated most of the people tricks to have a great day :

1) Smile at a stranger, 
2) Surprise someone by saying something unexpectedly nice,
3) Give some genuine attention to an elderly,
4) Invite someone who doesn’t have many friends for coffee,
5) Humiliate an economist, publicly, or create deep anxiety inside a Harvard professor.

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