Modi – India – Rupee – Raghuram Rajan

Well I am back. Before featuring to the outside world lets focus on the last two weeks that were vibrant for the India. I hardly watch news on imagetelevision but during these days the only source of information was television and the Indian media.

Sharing some of my thoughts – The Media left no stone unturned to ensure that the TRP rights will be on peak showcasing the BJP (India’s biggest opposition political party) internal disputes and the naming ceremony of Mr.Narendra Modi as Prime Minister Candidate.

It’s well known Mr Modi is a famous and controversial figure in this country. To be honest the media showcased the story as if he has become the PM of this country. These are some of the personal thoughts providing views on politics are not my forte.

Moving ahead during the helm of times the Reserve bank of India on boarded Mr Raghuram Rajan and the ripple effect Indian Rupee was witnessing the worst downfall during the decade managed to recover from its all time low.

I have been the keen observer and follower of Raghuram Rajan and reading his papers from 2008 and his famous book fault lines. It would not be wrong to say that RBI and Indian economics got the best man during its one of the worst time.

Will post soon on the markets  as I gear up 🙂

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