Warren buffet or George Soros

It would be futile comparing Warren Buffet  and George Soros  wealth disparity. They’re both wealthy and successful. Two different styles; 813530equally effective.

If you’re not familiar with Veryan Allen , he writes these insanely awesome rants about how the passive indexing cult is clueless and real alpha is out there for real managers to capture. I love reading his stuff, even when I disagree with some of it.

He’s just tweeted a link to a classic post on his aptly and spartanly titled “Hedge Fund” blog, in which we learn about how Warren Buffett is essentially the lead hedge fund manager in the universe even though he runs, for all intents and purposes, a no-fee actively managed closed-end fund.

I especially liked this part, where he explains why Warren Buffett has become wealthier than George Soros (not that it matters at that level), despite Soros’s better performance… Continue reading “Warren buffet or George Soros”