Annual Predictions for the Year 2014

Here are some honest predictions for 2014 🙂

Category Forecast
Sensex 30,000 or 10,000 No idea
Nifty WTF are you asking me for?
10 Year Bond Could not fathom a guess
Emerging Markets Who knows?
Fed Fund Rates Haven’t a clue
US Housing Market That’s a really good question
Inflation Not a clue
GDP Yes, we will probably have a GDP
Unemployment Thhhhpppptttt?
ECB Rates $%^&*!
Growth in China XXXX
European Sovereign Debt Hmmm, interesting . . .
2014 Election outcome HTF should I know?
Abenomics & Japan Domo Arigato
Possibility of Recession in 2014 Possibility & Probability are 2 different things