Wolf of Wall Street – Greed is Good but Good is better

Just as Gordon Gekko argued that “greed is good” in Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” in 1987, Martin Scorsese’s exhausting three bloghours of money-fueled debauchery makes an even more compelling case for that tenuous argument.

The screen version of Mr. Belfort — for all of his vices — is generous, uplifting, loyal and driven by values which he unabashedly stands by.

It’s important to keep that in mind if you decide to dig into the fact and fiction of the film. The Wolf of Wall Street is quite faithful to the book by Belfort that it’s based on—though there are differences; but how faithful is that book to reality? I do not know as haven’t read the book. Throughout the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio’s, playing the lupine financial huckster Jordan Belfort. Continue reading “Wolf of Wall Street – Greed is Good but Good is better”