The Mutual Fund Manager Styles

There are certain styles and strategies that simply cannot replicate on by own and clients have exposure to you. As an investment blogadvisor  representative at a good-sized shop. So read the brochure  of your mutual fund and again and see the various investment styles .

Mutual Fund Brochure Says The real meaning
Ultra Fund Leveraged to the hilt
Global Growth We’ll chase stocks for you in whichever country is most overheated right now
Clean/Gross A basket of government -subsidised experiments and some shares of PSU
Deep value We will invest in sewing machine and typewriter companies
Premium We will pay for high multiple stocks/you will pay up in fees
Socially responsible No such things – all corporations are evil suckers
Diversified We will basically buy the Index and go golfing
Enhanced Uses exotic derivatives you have never heard off
Balanced We will underperform both the bond and the stock market – you are welcome
Aggressive growth Collections of Chinese online gaming stock and new jersey biotech start-ups
Life Cycle We can see 20 years in to the future , Only Putnam knows when and how you will die
Moderate allocation Gutless fund manager
Quantitative Managers will take credit for up years, blame computers for down years
Endeavour/Opportunities We will throw darts
Core No need to spread it out ; send us everything you have

Have a good weekend 🙂

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