The Lehman Method

Although Lehman brothers is no more in existence but it has provided many strategies to the Investment banking space that are blogstill in use and may be used more vibrantly in the markets.

One of them is the most famous Straight Line Pitch – “Straight line is an impulse selling at its most aggressive and there have been hundreds of thousands schooled and steeped in its traditions over the years”.

Since its beginning in the water street and madison avenue branches of the Shearson Lehman, the straight line has been taught and retaught a million times during countless boardroom meetings and brokerage firm training  sessions. Like most potent weapons some have used this pitch for good and some of them for the Evil.

Here are some of the variations of the straight line pitch. You might have heard them in some or the other form.

  • Stretch with me this one time and I’ll never have to ask you to stretch again.
  • You will be smiling from ear to ear
  • You will be laughing all the way to bank
  • This trade will be a cornerstone of a 20 year relationship.
  • This will be the best decision you have made all year.
  • The only problems you will have is that you didn’t know me well enough to buy more.
  • Let the result convince you that you have made the right decision.
  • Let me take you under my wing, and I have a funny feeling that some of your other accounts will find a home here with me as well.

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