Bull run and the Brokers chase

No doubt that India is in the phase of bull run. The brokers calling you for more investment for securities, Mutual funds, blogdebt, Insurance etc. I know people hate to visit the regulatory websites like SEBI, RBI, IRDA  and make most of their decision based on the brokers advise.

Quick question before proceeding further how many ever read the prospectus before signing the document for investments.? I guess very few of them.

Sharing some bold points issued by SEBI for securities & Mutual funds at least this is minimum information the person should have before investing 🙂

For Securities : 

  1.  Read the Prospectus/ Abridged Prospectus and carefully note:
  2.  Risk factors pertaining to the issue.
  3.  Outstanding litigation’s and defaults, if any.
  4.  Financials of the issuer.
  5.  Object of the issue.
  6.  Company history.
  7.  Background of promoters.
  1.  Instructions before making application.
  2.  In case of any doubt/problem, contact the compliance officer named in the offer document.
  3.  In case you do not receive physical certificates/credit todemat account or application money refund, lodge a complaint with compliance officer of Issuer Company and post issue lead manager as stated in the offer document.But the above scenario does not hold true in the real life and People:-
    1.  Do fall prey to market rumors.
    2.  Do go by any implicit/explicit promise made by the issuer or anyone else.
    3.  Do invest based on Bull Run of the market index/scripts of other companies in same industry/issuer company.
    4.  Do bank upon the price of the shares of the issuer company to go up in the short run.

    It is very important that the above 4 points should be avoided by all means while investing in the securities market.

    The Mutual funds are the famous ones where people fall in prey and those who think insurance as an investment have their opinions intact mutual funds is a risky business. (RISK: ah a different posting required to define risk)

    Here are the guidelines for the Mutual funds:

    1. Read the offer document carefully before investing.
    2. Note that investments in Mutual Funds may be risky.
    3. Invest in a scheme depending upon your investment objective and risk appetite.
    4. Note that Net Asset Value of a scheme is subject to change depending upon market conditions.
    5. Insist for a copy of the offer document/key information memorandum before investing.
    6. Note that past performance of a scheme is not indicative of future performance.
    7. Past performance of a scheme may or may not be sustained in future.
    8. Keep track of the Net Asset Value of a scheme, where you have invested, on a regular basis.
    9.  Ensure that you receive an account statement for the money that you have invested.
    10.  Update yourself on the performance of the scheme on a regular basis.

    Here again the above scenario does not holds true and people :-

    1.  Do invest in a scheme just because somebody is offering you a commission or other incentive, gifts etc.
    2.  Do get carried away by the name of the scheme/Mutual Fund.
    3.  Do fall prey to promises of unrealistic returns.
    4.  Do forget to take note of risks involved in the investment.
    5.  Do hesitate to approach concerned persons and then the appropriate authorities for any problem.
    6.  Do deal with any agent/broker dealer who is not registered with Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). (Sometimes this happens too surprisingly)

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