Wall Street Sales Pitches

Sharing  some one liner sales pitches that became famous on Wall Street and people should really avoid them & mostblog of them used by many advisory firms and they have embraced a culture of sales and monthly quotas. If you find these pitches be afraid it’s a caveat…..

  1. “It’s like a CD.”
  2. “Buying on margin will greatly increase your returns.”
  3. “This fund did really well last year.”
  4. “As long as the music is playing, you have to get up and dance.”
  5. “Do you want the confirmation sent to your office or your mansion?”
  6. “I have a very strong work ethic. The problem was my ethics in work.”
  7. “I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is have you got the guts to live?”
  8. “Greed is good.”
  9. “Don’t pitch the b*tch.”
  10. “Screw the credit derivative desk, I don’t understand half the sh*t they do anyway.”

Many of these are still being used for the pitch , and they have been used in the movie The Wolf of wall street & Boiler room .


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