Which kind of Investors make money ?

Whenever markets become too much volatile, the patience of the investor being tasted. There is a trend in the blogadvisory of the major brooking firms, All say that the long-term Indian story remain intact, and near term no one knows 🙂

The same Script……Market remains the same…just faces change… :-

  1. At 2 % Fall : It just a bull market correction…My goal is very long-term .
  2. At 5 % Fall : The monsoon is weak,but we have a strong government, anyways my hold period is more than 5 years.
  3. At 10% Fall : I should have had got out earlier,would have had made handsome gains.
  4. At 15% Fall : Bloody hell,I knew this was coming,the government is faltering,the growth is down,global economy is in doldrums.
  5. At 20% Fall: Now is the time to get out,China is in recession, Europe is in crisis ,the US jobs data has turned worse, I need to preserve capital.
  6. At 30% Fall: The outlook is grim all over the world,will wait more to reenter .
  7. At 35% Fall: Yup as I thought but the Fibonacci series tells that another 15% correction can be expected from here. I need to be patient,will enter around that period.
  8. At 5% Rise: It is a dead cat bouncing,will revert back.
  9. At 15% Rise: There is nothing in the economy to validate this rise, it has to fall,the market is not aligned with economy.
  10. At 25% Rise: The outlook is changing,the government is mending its acts,the global economy is rising,I will invest after a 5 % correction.
  11. At 40% Rise: Shit,I should have invested 35 % fall,but right now also there is value,I can make X Amount,Anyways

I am a long-term Investor…..

This scenario gets repeated again and again,An investor changes from having a long-term view to tracking technical points and then again starts having long-term view.The fall and rise of the market is always successful in changing the view points of the investor.Only those investors make money who are still intact on their decision..✔

Think what you are💭what you want to be😷& what can get you there😎

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