Junk Stocks of Indian exchanges


BSE has around 4000+ stocks listed but actually traded would be in range of 1000 stocks and NSE has around 1600blog and again actively traded would be close to 100.

There are some dangerous stocks that should not be traded for various reasons as there is no liquidity in them, or they are prone to get delist and there are other reasons as well that might be interesting to read. You may not heard their name as well,

Kappac Pharma: Company with Chronic disease/Pharma name is deceptive and misleading.

Vikas Globalone : Kiska Vikas ? And nothing Global.

Cressanda Solutions: What Solutions? Providing solutions for black money conversion?

Khoobsurat Ltd.: Nothing Khoobsurat, Ugly, Bad-surat.

One life Capital Advisors: Lifeline for Operator/No Capital left of Investors after their Advice.

Readymade Steel India: Can Steel be Readymade?

Gallant Ispat : Weak Project/Brave Operator

Prakash Steelage: Operator seen active again/ Starts his 2nd inning.

G. Electroplast: Pure Gimmick, Price will not last; Not a shock proof stock.

Mahendra Exports: American Diamond glitters more/Meaningless frenzy.

Rushil Décor : No sheen in these laminates/An operator based stock.

Flexituff International: Flexi for operator, Tough for investors.

Patidar Buildcon: Again an operator based stock.

Cupid Trades & Finance: Don’t fall in this honey-trap. Avoid SMS advice to buy it.

Mishka Finance And Trading One more black money convertor.

Marigold Glass Industries: A fragile stock/Misleading Name.

Lifeline Drugs & Pharma: Needs shock treatment/Will kill the trader.

Arnold Holdings: Worthless Holdings with the Company.

Responsive Industries: Trading shown as Manufacturing/Deceptive claims.

Dhanleela Investments & Trading Company: Converting black money of India Inc.

Kausambi Vanijya Ltd.: No commercial sense.

Pearl Electronics: Nothing like pearl nor having any current.

Blazon Marbles: Broken Marble.

Naisargik Agritech (India) No agri, No tech so avoid naturally.

Universal Credit & Securities: No credit. No security in this stock.

Kailash Auto Finance: A bogus & non-operative company.

Surana Industries: Weak fundamentals, huge debt.

PFL Infotech: Perverse Financial Laundry.

Gravita India: Ruling very expensive with low float.

I thought its worth sharing –

Caveat Emptor: Views are personal and I am not a SEBI registered financial advisor

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