BREXIT OPTIONS IF the Event was a Divorce

This is interesting peace I got from an anyonomous source , but worth reading regarding blogthe feel on BREXIT, if it would have been the case of divorse :

Hard Divorce: You lose the house, money, everything, and have no access to kids

Soft Divorce: You get access to the kids, but don’t expect any sex or anything like before. It’s different now

Norwegian Divorce: everything carries as before but you don’t get to make any of the decisions

Swiss Divorce: You can see one of the kids but not all of them and can use the house sometimes. There may be occasional sex. May be

Canadian Divorce: You can probably see the kids once an agreement has been reached by which time they will be in their 30s

World Trade Divorce: you will be charged to see the kid’s .forget about sex; you will be too poor and depressed

BREXITEERS FANTASY DIVORSE: Everything you have now, but with an open relationships, perfect sex, massively improved rapport with the kids, and 350 pound m a week to spend on whatever you like

In conclusion may be you should have worked harder at the marriage

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