Just Say No – 2017 Resolutions

happy-munsWishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous new year . It was a long 2016 year end vacation .

Here are some of the bad financial habits that one need to give up in 2017 by saying No :

  1. Don’t carry a credit card balance.
  2. Don’t invest in high-turnover stock funds.
  3. Don’t trust brokers when their lips are moving.
  4. Don’t forget that a high potential return means high risk.
  5. Don’t buy a home if you think you’ll move in the next five years.
  6. Don’t invest 100% in stocks — or 100% in bonds.
  7. Don’t die without a will.
  8. Don’t retire with debt.
  9. Don’t buy initial public stock offerings.
  10. Don’t apply for credit too often.
  11. Don’t assume you, or anybody else, are smarter than the market.
  12. Don’t get your stock picks from your brother-in-law, your spam folder or the television.
  13. Don’t purchase life insurance if you don’t have financial dependents.
  14. Don’t purchase a house that’s bigger than you really need.
  15. Don’t day trade.
  16. Don’t read anything into short-term market movements.
  17. Don’t buy investments without first settling on your financial goals.
  18. Don’t use more than 10% of the credit limit on your credit cards.
  19. Don’t forget about inflation.
  20. Don’t buy an investment unless you’d be happy to hold it for 10 years.
  21. Don’t assume a commission-free stock trade is cost-free.
  22. Don’t buy based on past performance and expect it to persist.
  23. Don’t keep money in the stock market that you’ll need to spend within five years.
  24. Don’t assume a high yield means a high return.
  25. Don’t pay bills late, especially loans and credit card payments.
  26. Don’t expect stocks to earn 10% a year, even over the long run.
  27. Don’t lend money to family members if you’ll need it back.



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