Post Budget Analysis in Advance

Today is the biggest political economic event of India the yearly govt. Budget 2017, It has been always the biggest blogsales event by the media and every year the projections, expectations are on the rise.

The following will be the reactions to the budget to be presented even before analyzing it .

  1. BJP – Path breaking, pro-farmer & will help the last person in the society.
  2. Congress – Anti-poor & will increase inflation.
  3. AAP – For the benefit of Adani & Ambani.
  4. CPI & CPM – Will serve American interest & will result in mass unemployment.
  5. JDU – Nothing special, wasted opportunity.
  6. RJD, TMC, BSP, SP etc – Poor & downtrodden will suffer more.
  7. Shiv Sena – Anti- Maharashtra & Failure of BJP & PM.
  8. CII, Assocham, FICCI – Will kick-start economy & encourage private investment.
  9. NDTV, India today, Network 18, Aaj Tak, ABP, etc – Nobody seems to be happy, likely to create problems for Govt.
  10. Times Now, Zee, India TV – Great budget will help BJP in elections.


I don’t think there will be far deviation from the above statements, the budget could be good, bad always compared to the preceding year’s budget, so I would call it as how far it is from regression to the mean 😉


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