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During the economic recession of 2008, debt in the U.S. came to the forefront in a spectacular manner. At this point of time, the overall financial structure appeared on the brink of total collapse and people witnessed the outcome of years of casual spending and lack of monetary regulation by government institutions. Credit cards seemed to be the preferred means of payment in the nation. According to a recent study, more than 1.3 billion different payment card varieties are presently in use in America. Times are tough and it’s not really shocking to see a number of Americans crushed under an incredible amount Continue reading


The market in India for Mutual funds loaded with approximately half of a century and there are thousands of different schemes running across.To chose a mutual fund is a difficult task because your investment horizon, need for investment is more important for the fund’s selection. I have tried to collect the list of mutual funds that could be best to invest in 2012. They are being diversified equity and few debt funds.

Equity funds :
Any fund with holding of more than 65% in equity can be considered as an equity fund. But to keep things simple Continue reading

There is a very interesting column done in the mint today on the insurance policies which die due to lapsation or the product cost is too high.

Insurance in India is still a huge commission based business what is interesting the lapsation ration is on the high-rise from the data collected.

In insurance, customers return this product by either letting their policy lapse or by voluntarily surrendering their policy. In case of the non-linked business (term, group, health and endowment plans) for Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd, the lapsation ratio was as high as 72% for FY11.

Lapsation ratio indicate the number of policies lapsed divided by the average number of policies
Continue reading

Wealth creation over the years has changed its avenues and area of interest for the investors in India. The prototype investment where the post offices and typically the scheduled banks through savings and fixed deposits have changed and with the awareness of finance, Mutual fund has become an excellent route to create wealth for the public at large.
“Mutual fund is a pool of money is invested in accordance with the common objective stated before the investment to the investors.”
Here is the concept of mutual fund which is a suitable for the common man as it offers an opportunity to invest and diversified, professionally managed basket of securities comparatively at low-cost. The investors pool their money to the fund manager and the fund manager invest the money in the securities and after generating returns passed back to the investors. Continue reading

Was going through few articles yesterday night and in the mean while somebody tweeted what are major debatable things happening in the market from traders prospective and found them …Crude , gold , Oil and natural gas are already on the radar and here are some ..

* Euro holds the key people don’t feel strongly about its directions where it is headed ..They say Is the euro bad or simply boring ?

* Tha dragon China hard/soft landing and the risk implications woes Link

* Mr Bernanke’s glass …half-full or all empty 🙂 Continue reading

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