UK enterprises due to be compensated by leading banks for swaps mis selling

Small to medium-sized businesses in the UK are due to be compensated after the Financial Services Authority estimated

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that 90% of interest rate swap contracts were mis sold. The scandal has thrown up a number of similarities with the Payment Protection Insurance controversy, in which scores of British banking customers were duped into paying into PPI schemes when they didn’t want, need or ask for them.

It’s expected that the forthcoming reviews will shine light on a series of underhand tactics being used by the banks. Continue reading “UK enterprises due to be compensated by leading banks for swaps mis selling”

The truth about binary options

binary options

Binary options are investment products taking the Internet by storm. If you are looking for ways to make money online or for new financial products, then you probably saw advertisements for binaries, including from adsense as they pop up everywhere. But what are exactly these binary options and are there for anyone?

To put it simply, binary options are equivalent to taking tailor-made bets on financial markets. Or not to sound too much like gamblers, let’s say they let you make predictions about future prices. Do you think gold will go up today? Then buy a one day call binary option on gold. If you are correct you can make a 70 to 85% profit. But if you are incorrect, and this is a big ‘but’ you will lose 100% of your option. Continue reading “The truth about binary options”

More from the World of Derivatives

Looking at the current market scenario and the past these are very common lines from the sales team of the various

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Financial firms and let’s try to observe what is the reality behind those statements :-

Statement: As a Leading dealer with a global platform, we are the major player in the market.

Translation: We have spent a fortune to build this business and are now prepared to spend millions more subsidizing your requirements.

Statement: We have one of the most talented teams in this space.

Translation: Our staff are vastly overpaid and on huge guaranteed bonuses. Continue reading “More from the World of Derivatives”

Management reaction during CRISIS

English: The Business Process Management Life-...

Every time I read Traders Guns and money there are new things to explore.

The management of the firms is a succession of fads during trouble times, just like the recent and ongoing crisis. The Fads become a mixture of homely common Rusk package as science and in comprehensible.

Diversification Lets do several things that we don’t know anything about badly
Sticking to the knitting or focus Lets get back to doing what we once did if any body can remember what it is and how to do it J
Decentralization Massive duplication, confusion and creation of thousand of petty empires
Matrix structure Every body reports to every body, no body knows who they work for & there is no accountability
Flat Organization Managers who can not manage now manage tens of direct reports.
Business Process reorganization A process by which cut everything that is essential, leaving only every thing that you don’t need.

Not to forget lot of buzz words like CRM/KPI/TQM/B2B/B2C/Transformation/best of breed/competitive advantage/reinvention/templates.

Best Financial Market Movies – Some collection

Was thought of sharing this a long back but skipped from my mind . Markets provides lot of learning opportunities and if imagesit is presented in the form of a movie it is more easy to remember. I am sharing some of the best movies that I saw and some quotes :

Most Corrupt Movie About Finance: Enron, The Smartest Guys In The Room
Best Line:I would like to know if you are on crack, if so that would explain a lot. If not, you may want to start because it’s going to be a long time before we trust you again.’ 

Most under-rated Vin Diesl Movie About The Stock Market: Boiler Room
Best line: Seth: What do you mean, you’re gonna pass? Alan, the only people making money passing are NFL quarterbacks and I don’t see a number on your back. Continue reading “Best Financial Market Movies – Some collection”