Rogue Trading or The Rogue Banks

Yesterday was going through an article on Bloomberg that  How UBS Could Survive a Guilty Plea in the Libor Scandal, imagesreading forward the article says the settlement may include $1 billion in fines, and the New York Times adds that a guilty plea on criminal charges may also be part of the deal. That second piece is big news: It would make UBS the first big bank to plead guilty in more than a decade.

I did post almost a year back, but when I see today the scandals are now more in public compare to last year and the post holds true to the words. They are much more bigger now Continue reading “Rogue Trading or The Rogue Banks”

Emerging Markets and Proprietary traders :-


Takings from my last post  A Prop Trader or Rogue Trader and my past posts on the same topic The Rogue Trader or The Rogue Banks

and TO BE A ROGUE TRADER would like to share few more views over them. As I reveled in the past that prop trader don’t trade on behalf of clients but they use institution own money to trade.They speculate and their focus are is emerging markets.

The two principles on which they work :



Many of the fresh graduate always wants to join this field. The industry itself is a zero sum game somebody makes money the other looses.

Remember UBS trader Kweku Adoboli — the rogue trader who lost UBS $2 billion this year?
How could you forget.
Adoboli, who is currently awaiting trial in London, was arrested in Continue reading “ROGUE TRADER Charisma”