Agri Commodities & Need for 2nd Green revolution in India

It was hot topic 4°C rise in temperature by 2020 in Rajasthan . Food production may fall by 50% by 2050 another study said.

I was just trying to figure out if the production will fall than “Who will feed India ?” India is loosing its ground where we enjoyed  monopoly now Vietnam is claiming supremacy over India in commodities trading as Ho Chi Minh City continues to look like Southeast Asia’s emerging commodities hub. Already Vietnam is among the leaders in exports of a range of agricultural commodities Continue reading “Agri Commodities & Need for 2nd Green revolution in India”

Cotton & India

I have tried to put my comments on this subject when recently India bans cotton exports—confusing everyone, including our own government. I am not an expert on this issue but I recalled one of the issue from the Business world towards the end of 2004 have the lead story on The Rising Indian Textile Industry – The End of quota Regime. It was expected that t China will be the biggest beneficiary of No Quota regime and China would garner 50% of exports market. The other beneficiary was India as it was expected as Indian players can handle small orders which will not be possible in China. Also, China lacks innovation. India’s advantages come from three main sources its quota utilization trend in the past, market exploitation rate after third level of integration and critical export mass.
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