Market Efficiency

I dare to write on this topic as it is the most intense and debatable topic in the financial markets over the

The author of “Fooled by Randomness” and “The Black Swan” Nassim Taleb became the anti-theorist in finance arguing that the Nobel committee should be sued for awarding Harry Markowitz, Bill Sharpe and Merton Miller

But the Guru of Corporate finance Aswath Damodaran did a posting replying to him on the market efficiency models. Continue reading “Market Efficiency”

What is a Mutual Fund ?

I don’t mine repeating myself several times, unless you are helping someone to explain things. This is the post for my junior blogcolleagues and for my team trying to dig for basics of Mutual fund , Asset management  company , selection of funds and comparison of scheme with others.

So friends, A mutual fund is a trust that pools the money of several investors and manages investments on their behalf. Legally it is like any other company you know of. Hence, the fund is also called a mutual fund company. The fund company takes your money and like you from other new investors. This is added to the money that’s already invested with the fund.
Asset management company (AMC) – Investing and managing the collected money is a difficult task. The fund company delegates this to a company of professional investors, usually experts who are known for smart stock picks. This company is the Asset Management Company (AMC) and the fund company usually delegates the job of investment management for a fee. Continue reading “What is a Mutual Fund ?”

Why Assets are good. Liabilities bad

Here again a small write-up on personal finance, let’s discuss a bit about assets today. Assets are good. Liabilities, bad. Hopefully, sandy blogyou have more assets than liabilities. If not, you probably need to back up and get some of your basic finances in order. Once you get that taken care of, get back to this discussion which is about what are the best types of assets and where should you be investing your time & money?

I’ve decided to break it down into three categories and talk briefly about each.  Continue reading “Why Assets are good. Liabilities bad”

The Well Known Differences Between Binary Option Trading And Forex Trading

Guest Post :

A trader is well aware that binary options trading and Forex trading are two different types of trading, both of which can bring in blogsignificant amount of profit. These two types of trading are the most common types of trading practiced and are well known to all traders. However, there exist some differences between these two types of trading. As a trader, it is important for you to know the differences in order to make the right trading decisions in the future. Binary trading is a new way of making money within a short time. On the other hand, Forex is a highly profitable market that has been into the market for quite some time now.

Knowing the Differences:

Professional experience: Continue reading “The Well Known Differences Between Binary Option Trading And Forex Trading”

Hedge Funds through the eyes of Lee Cooperman,

Lee Cooperman, founder of hedge fund firm Omega Ad-visors, last month gave a presentation entitled, “Observations regarding: life,blog hedge funds, the investment outlook” at Roger Williams University. Here are some of the highlights:

On Hedge Funds

– If you produce the returns, you’ll grow. What separates the men from the boys is how you do during periods of adversity

– He again detailed his characteristics of an outstanding analyst or portfolio manager

– He tries to make money in 5 ways: market direction, asset allocation (stocks versus bonds), undervalued stocks on the long side, sell stocks short. and macro investing (and he candidly mentioned the egregiously high fee structure that hedge funds use as well)  Continue reading “Hedge Funds through the eyes of Lee Cooperman,”