How to select a mutual fund

The market in India for Mutual funds loaded with approximately half of a century and there are thousands of different schemes running across.To chose a mutual fund is a difficult task because your investment horizon, need for investment is more important for the fund’s selection. I have tried to collect the list of mutual funds that could be best to invest in 2012. They are being diversified equityand few debt funds.

Equity funds :
Any fund with holding of more than 65% in equity can be considered Continue reading “How to select a mutual fund”

Investing in Bond or Bond Fund

Couple of weeks I did an article on Fixed Income Investments in Indian Market. And provided some caveat. Before getting back to the Indian bond market let’s try to see the key components of Fixed Income securities, It’s the Credit quality, yield, and maturity are key components of fixed-income securities.

Well Credit quality is an indicator of the ability of the issuer of the fixed income security to pay back his obligation. The credit quality of fixed-income securities is usually assessed by independent rating agencies Continue reading “Investing in Bond or Bond Fund”