Love, Life, Market and Volatility

Life is uncertain and volatility could be best understood by one’s life, sometimes you are on peak sometimes low. IMG-20160214-WA0004-2Loves, hatred, emotions, excitements, are the various factors that define the volatility of life.

Moving down to markets Volatility is the inherent behaviour of the markets that’s the reason trader makes and loses money.

The markets are volatile so does the life.  It’s important to curb the volatility and see the things from the long-term horizon.  The high tides do not last forever so does the calm sea-shore.

The nastiest thing I’ve ever told anyone (a finance fellow angry with me): “When you have absolute intellectual and more disrespect for someone, the only real compliment you can possible get from his in making him angry”
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The euro crisis may last even 20 years

The first five years of the global crisis is over, investors flee from complex financial products in gold, silver and

commodities. Experts warn against a false sense of security. I was searching out for the bottom in my last post.

Everything seems perfect. The German stock index DAX has this week reopened the 7,000-point mark with flying colors , the record is missing just one of thousands. Unemployment is at its lowest level in 20 years. Of the two economic troubles, Continue reading “The euro crisis may last even 20 years”