2012 The Year of Euro & Past themes

It might be interesting to see the past , every year has been personified by some of the personalities left their impression on financial markets.

Its a year by year collection pick out with a different fad that really captured the attention in that year and dollars of the investors Class.



Personified by


Initial public offerings, Microbrews, Irrational Exuberance

Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Chairman

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THE TWO CENTRAL BANKERS – Shared in many B schools


Economy always passes in different phases could be classified as the boom phase, the downside or the burst  phase . Central bankers are the key players in the economy with limited power in their hand.

Alans Greenspan ( former Chairman of the Federal Reserve)  and YV Reddy ( Former Chairman of RBI) were credited with far greater power then they ever had and with responsibility for outcomes largely beyond their control. Central bankers actually have  very limited tools and hence limited powers.

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