Deep Value Investing

Recently Chris White of Green-stone Capital Management Partners shared his views on the topic, I thought of jotting and Asharing some points which I found interesting to share.

Like other investing related terms, deep value investing is a much used, but perhaps less well understood term. So, first and foremost we were interested to learn more about what deep value investing really of the many keen observations from Chris is that deep value investing requires strict price discipline on the part of the investor.

But, of course, it doesn’t stop there. Like other investing styles, deep value investing is as much art as it is science. Continue reading “Deep Value Investing”

The case of Derivative On Its Derivatives : Credit Suisse

Zürich: Paradeplatz - Hauptsitz der Credit Suisse

There is a very interesting case thought of sharing across on the CDS market which may results in to two possible futures for the big banks. In one, the various efforts to “make banking boring” – more onerous capital and liquidity regulation, clearing and futurization of derivatives, bans on prop trading, calls to break up big banks, and so forth – would create amazing opportunities for people with the intelligence, motivation, and shall we say aesthetic sensibilities to find new ways to accomplish their non-boring goals within a shifting framework. Just like changes in the tax code create work for smart tax lawyers, so changes in banking regulation Continue reading “The case of Derivative On Its Derivatives : Credit Suisse”