Reflection time 2012 – As Market Professional as Trader !!

As we come to the end of the year, I want to encourage and challenge my readers to think about their trading imagesperformance. Working toward trading competence is a path, not a destination. Whether you are an experienced trader who is very pleased with your performance, a struggling developing trader, or someone who has just begun her journey, I’d like you to spend a few hours in self-reflection and ask yourself a few simple, but profoundly important questions:

Caveat Emptor for Trading aspirants

Before I start the discussion, I would like to open the discussion How many people do you know that are as successful as they want to  not take responsibility for their actions?
They always have excuses to succeed not fail.You know if something is not working do not go down with the sinking ship. Have a reason for everything you do so you can learn from it. Trading is hard because what is written in stone one day is thrown out the next.

Here is just one of the conversation with trader, which you never want youto be, sharing as its interesting too, here is how it went.

The Demand Curve : (Back to school)

The Demand curve represents the curve that shows the relation between price of the commodity and that of quantity demanded by the consumer. Lets try to analyse the causes of the demand curve slopping downside :

1) Due to law of diminishing marginal utility.
2) Income effects
3) Substitution effect
4) Commodity usages
5) Consumers in total.